Academic Industry Relation

ECI works closely with public and private higher education institutions, governmental, nongovernmental organizations, corporations, industry to develop education, programs Industry research etc. under academic and industry relationship/collaboration by its expert scholars and partner’s strengths.  By the terms of collaboration in continuing education, ECI offers special designed programs for industry participants. Though the goal of research is to create new knowledge, which other parts of the company can use research output to improve the business.  Research can enhance the ability of a company to adapt to changes and the readiness for absorbing changes. Research can help service the constant demand for improvement quality, lowering costs and creating more value. To fulfill the needs and necessity of industry academia collaboration, ECI works on this particular area to create opportunities for-

  1. Employee and students to become familiar with state- of-the-art industrial science and technology and management systems and enhancement of their familiarity with the constraints of industry.
  2. Improving interaction of higher education departments and employers for the development and adaptation of (technology oriented) degree programmes.
  3. Improved training and employment prospects for students
  4. Industrial base (e.g. multinationals and SME’s) involved in R&D activities.
  5. Specialized programs designed by the University for continuing education and training of industry professionals. Teaching and curriculum development (such as sandwich courses, jointly developed degree courses, continuing education courses of short, medium and long duration, exchange of staff, etc.
  6. An entrepreneurial culture within the higher education sector
  7. Regular mutual visits, jointly organized meetings, conferences and seminars, joint publications, joint participation in exhibitions and fairs, industrial support to individual students or their associations, industrial representation on the governing boards of higher education establishments.

Global Money Week

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Enterprise Competitiveness Institute of Daffodil International University has organized Global Money Week-2014 from 10th March to 17th March 2014, Read More

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