Boosting SME competitiveness and job creation

Small and Medium sized Enterprises, SMEs stimulate private ownership and entrepreneurial skill and can adapt quickly to changing market situation, generate employment, help diversify economic activities and make a significant contribution to exports and trade in Bangladesh. So, policies and initiatives to develop SME’s and to increase their competitiveness are one of the priority objectives of ECI, Enterprise Competitiveness Institute. In Bangladesh most SME’s remain in traditional activities with low productivity, poor quality, serving small localized markets and with little technological dynamism. Many of our SME’s are unaware of competing technologies, the nature of the new skill and techniques needed to keep up and they lack the entrepreneurial knowledge and education to seek the technology or assistance needed.  Policies, Research and management are also key issues where our SME’s have lack. Developing business and increasing SME’s life cycle is depending on innovation which is another sector need to develop our SME’s. Enterprise Competitiveness Institute is working to boost countries SME’s competitiveness by its expertise effort by-Upgrading existing technology as well as introducing new technology in business, Research on specialized sector of SME’s and develop the area by implement research result, Software and information processing, Marketing/market research/product development, Human resource development, Information dissemination on market, Networking and inter firm linkage with large and foreign industry, SME’s enhancement in local and global trade, Academic-SME’s collaboration establishments, SME’s worker/executive/management/entrepreneurs capacity enhancement, Developing access to finance, Developing SME entrepreneurs management skills, Collaboration with  venture capital and SME’s etc.

To fit countries graduates for country’s job market is another area where ECI is keeping its contribution by empowering and maximizing employment sectors for them. ECI is also working to build graduates capacity to boost their capability and fostering employment and executive growth for local and global job market.

Global Money Week

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Enterprise Competitiveness Institute of Daffodil International University has organized Global Money Week-2014 from 10th March to 17th March 2014, Read More

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