Message of the Chairman

Bangladesh is the land of opportunities and the citizens here are moderate, embassies, risk taker and love to transform opportunities into development of the country. A huge number of citizens are the milestone or revolutionary device for effective economic growth through exploring entrepreneurial opportunities by establishing business.

Business Associations and Chambers in Bangladesh, relevant ministries and other private and public entities are also much focused to spread the related sectors with highest possible scopes. With blessings of technological involvement & online resources we also can experience and show others the guidelines, policies, strategies very easily. Through perfect professionalism of employees, Officials and even Management, continuous development track may be kept. Change in leadership style in some cases may also bring more outcomes.

Chambers & Associations have been conducting lot of researches which are neededto bring under a unique platform where both industrialists and academicians can work mutually for a better Bangladesh. Chambers and Association can do more than their routine work, like capacity building, effective skill set up and technological development to reach in their target market and to create positive effect on their key responsibility for the development of industrial growth of the country. Academicians and Enterprises/Industries should come forward with more co-operations to each other to fit with our huge, strong resource pool. When the resources will be used properly, education seekers will be fit for job and enjoy economical emancipation. Continuous analysis, research and international development practices should be more action oriented. Whole world is now fighting for economical development where entrepreneurs and business community can play with more diversified challenges.

Enterprise Competitiveness Institute (ECI) of Daffodil International University (DIU) is working to develop these stake holders and making them competitive in local and global market. ECI’s mission & vision have been set according to present scenario of countries. Trade, enterprise and entrepreneurship development nowadays are universally recognized as critical resources in the economic development process of a country.

I heartily welcome researchers, policy makers, academics, industry experts, entrepreneurs, students and other stake holders of civil society to get involved with us.

Md. Sabur Khan
Enterprise Competitiveness Institute.
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