New Age: What is the present business environment in the country?

Sabur Khan: I think the present business environment in the country is mixed. There are opportunities as well as challenges. There is enormous business potential in the country for the entrepreneurs. Economic strength of the poor is increasing. But, at the same time there are some core challenges. The facilities given by the government for business are not enough. It is also true that funds for business expansion are getting costly. But, this market is still very lucrative for the entrepreneurs.

New Age:  Lack of funding is a common problem for entrepreneurs. What do you think about the problem?

Sabur Khan: I think funding is not a problem. If you have a genuine business case in your hand and you know where to place it, fund is always there. The problem, what I personally feel, is lack of idea about the entire business process. From idea generation to funding proposal there are lot of things needed to be done. If an entrepreneur doesn’t know the entire process, he or she might end up somewhere middle in the road.

New Age:  What do you think is holding back from encouraging youth in entrepreneurship?

Sabur Khan: I think the problem is stemmed from the existing education system. From their childhood, we motivate children to become a doctor or an engineer or to do a decent job. And our education system is also designed in such a way which helps and motivates children to get a job. If we don’t encourage innovation and risk taking from childhood, how will we get entrepreneurs? So, we need to address the importance of innovation through our education system. We also need to make them ready to face the odds when they enter into practical work life.

New Age:  What do you like to say to the young entrepreneurs?

Sabur Khan: I believe the youth has everything it needs to overcome odds. So, don’t get frustrated. Not finding a job is not the end of life. You should believe that you have the ability to do something of your own.

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