Research is the means through which new knowledge is created and new information is developed to create new opportunity or to develop are of success. Generating new knowledge and turning it into new products and services is crucial to maintain and enhance the local micro, small and medium, SME’s competitiveness. Research result and innovation is creating positive impact on our socio-economic lives in very productive way: through indentifying problems, provide solutions, improved ventures strengths, and new technological solutions to develop enterprise and entrepreneurial environment or to guarantee the entrepreneurial citizens. Although the field of entrepreneurship and enterprise is recognized as being of fundamental importance for our economy, research in this area which is not so rich whatever it is by governmental or private organizations or individual effort. SME’s venture creation and entrepreneurship has emerged as an important area of research in Bangladesh as countries economical growth and industrial development is depending on the boosting and maximizing of this sector.

Enterprise Competitiveness Institute is involve to do research and related survey on entrepreneurship,  enterprise development, SME’s area. Research and survey is going to be conducted jointly with any other research organization/institution or individual researchers of local or developed country. A research team with strong academic back ground and practical knowledge on research and survey are working with ECI to transfer new knowledge in boosting competitiveness of micro, small,  medium and large enterprise, fostering entrepreneurial mindset, overall business environment i.e policy development and socio economy  growth of Bangladesh.

Global Money Week

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Enterprise Competitiveness Institute of Daffodil International University has organized Global Money Week-2014 from 10th March to 17th March 2014, Read More

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