Capacity Building

The capacity building initiatives for entrepreneurs/SME’s/Chambers traces its origin from the growing ideas that entrepreneurial qualities of man can be improved or new skill can be developed through special type of training and education among the potential persons in a society.

To build capacity of chambers, associations, young entrepreneurs, SME’s, students and coaches, ECI is taking following initiative regular basis in the respective area. ECI, with the approval of university Grants Commission and in partnership with International Trade Corporation delivers various capacity building programs and initiatives for ECI target audience.

  • Training and skill development       
  • Industry and Institution Visit
  • Internship and acquire practical experience

Enterprise Competitiveness Institute arranged regular industry/institution visit to enhance capacity, developed knowledge, gain experience and implement those for own enterprise and entrepreneurial skill development. The visit could be local or could meet the demand of international trade.

Young aspirants who are interested pursue a research-oriented career; ECI offers an excellence opportunity to interact closely with leading researchers in Bangladesh. The internship also provides a scope to participate in various in house, national and international seminars, workshops, events and convention. The interns will get opportunities to get involve with ECI ongoing research, projects, dialogues etc. which will help them to fit for local and global job market. The interested interns need to fulfill pre-requisite criteria to avail ECI internship program.

Global Money Week

Child Youth  GMW logo 

Enterprise Competitiveness Institute of Daffodil International University has organized Global Money Week-2014 from 10th March to 17th March 2014, Read More

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